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Essex Girls are disreputable, disrespectful and disobedient

      Their bodies are hyper-sexualised and irredeemably vulgar

            They are given to intricate and voluble squabbling

                  They speak out of turn, too loudly and too often, in an accent irritating to the ruling classes. 

                         They do not apologise for any of this. And why should they? 

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In this exhilarating feminist defence of the Essex girl, Sarah Perry re-examines her relationship with her much maligned home county. She summons its most unquiet spirits, from Protestant martyr Rose Allin to the indomitable Abolitionist Anne Knight, sitting them alongside Audre Lorde, Kim Kardashian and Harriet Martineau, and showing us that the Essex girl is not bound by geography. She is a type, representing a very particular kind of female agency, and a very particular kind of disdain: she contains a multitude of women, and it is time to celebrate them.

Essex Girls is published by Serpent's Tail

Essex girls Sarah Perry
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